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February-April 2015

I was thrilled to be an artist-in-residence at the historic Holden Village, nestled in the remote northern end of Lake Chelan, just miles from North Cascades National Park.


For six blissful weeks, I was part of the vibrant, creative and loving community, creating art 'round the clock.


Daily, I painted from life, capturing as much life as I could on paper, with watercolor and ink pen. The majority of each day was spent at a sun-soaked table in the dining hall, working on large paintings (see infographics), with a tea traveler nearby. Holden is captivating, and my head was abuzz with ideas! I had to paint fast.


If you're a 'Holdenite' (as people are so called once they've visited the Village), I hope that you'll recognize many of these sights...and the sounds, smells and faces that accompanied YOUR experience. If you haven't been, I hope that you'll enjoy the beauty of this fascinating place, as captured in my sketchbook.


A HUGE thank you to Holden Village for inviting me to join the community and believing that art is work and work is art. This was a dream come true.




Cards, prints and posters are available at the Holden Bookstore. Or, if you don't have the two days to spare to travel there, visit my Etsy shop or contact me.


The 2-hour ferry ride uplake

Artist Elyse-Krista Mische and I were both in residence for six weeks. View her lovely art here.

A Holden welcome!

Plein air painting!

Sketching in the snow

Home sweet Lodge 1

Village gathering on main street

A piece in progress

Our final presentation & exhibition of work