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Illustrative Infographics

Part of my time at Holden I was a 'visual reporter' of the daily rhythms. The other portion, I was an explorer, interviewer and researcher. These infographics - showing information in a visual way - are the fruit of that later time. Thanks to the wonderful villagers who inspired and informed my work every day from the suspender-wearing mechanic Terry, the gracious baker Kari, the capital projects mastermind Chris, to the cartographers of the 1950s era Holden Mine.

Vehicles of Holden - all the vehicles that the Village owns!

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Off-the-Grid - Holden is "self-sustaining" as far as their utilities go!

Doors of Holden Village - can you identify each these portals?

The Pacific Crest Trail - 2,663 mile trail stretching from the Mexican border to the Canadian border! Created for the current fund raiser "Hiking for Holden" (check it out)!

Holden Bread - how to make the legendary loaves

Railroad Creek Valley - based on a 1950s black&white sketch by F.T. Brogan

Buckskin to Copper - the many looks of Holden's southern view

How to Build a Fire in the A-Frame - The "A-frame" is down at Lucerne and provides shelter to guests awaiting the ferry pickup

The Night Sky - inspired after a walk in the moonlight